Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Moment of Truth

im watching this game show right now
its really like questioning everything about you
no matter its personal or not
but sometimes the question sounds funny
but still realistic
just cant imagine the faces of her family member down there every time she answered the questions

im spending a few more minutes at home.alone.
wake up pizzas.pack up my things.ironing.
normal things to be done before going back.
uh.till when i've to do all these things.

yesterday people keep asking bila test Prof.Zaki?
unfortunately,Prof didnt tell me anything about it
but dont worry i'll ask him to postpone the test
besides,prof.zaki and haven't finish their syllabus yet

my friends,
come to our National Pharmacy Sports Carnival on saturday
at Kompleks Sukan UiTM
the more the merrier!


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