Monday, January 26, 2009

heyya,its Monday!

today is monday,my friends!

im going back home
spending my CNY break with family
although it is the short one this time but still have to appreciate it
need to do a lot of thing sebenarnya
but this is my holiday so i'll take a few days break
and as i plan before i only have one day at home,Tuesday
on wednesday i have my dentist appointment
and if im not going back on Thursday then i'll have another day to lepak
or else i've to pack up my things and off to shah alam

i've sorted out the medals for NPSC
just hoping the printing processes for the certificates will run smoothly
owh,rehearsal on friday!
please let me know the time so i can plan my journey then

during the previous election
Edyham gave us a few bookmarks and i love the quotes at the back of it
one of them which i like is

"Jangan abaikan permintaan orang,kalau tidak mahu permintaan anda diabaikan"

next time i'll find another bookmark and put the quotes here!


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