Thursday, January 15, 2009


hari ini hari mengundi untuk kami.setelah 5 semester di sini kali ini pertama kali pergi mengundi.seronok juga dapat makan roti tajaan gardenia.tapi air kotak dah habis pula.menyesal pergi lambat-lambat.sepatutnya keputusan pilihanraya diumumkan pukul 5.30 tetapi dia sambung masa mengundi sampai pukul 6.00.alamatnya pukul 6.30 lah baru keputusan diumumkan.
malam tadi sangat seronok.i feel like i'm talking to my friends during my old days in MOZAC.although it was just for a night but i know sometimes it's really good when people hear what you feel and you don't have to keep anything to yourself.but still something needs to keep inside your heart or else you'll die.i really need to improve myself when dealing with people.i can't be like this or else i can't do all my tasks.maybe i need your help people out there!!
and today full with typing error.whats wrong with me?lucky i don't have to write 1000 words of essays or it will full with correction liquid.i try to book our ticket to brisbane but unfortunately as usual my lovely mother must make a call first and after that only my booking will be wanna go holiday with us to Brisbane??
right now we're waiting unpatiently for Uncle JPA to bank-in our semesterly money.haha.if no more money we'll eat maggi everyday,i'm give up writing 'cause too many typo.hopefully my friends will win today's election.i'll update later..

owh,to my friends i would like to share this quote
forgive,and you'll be forgiven


~fiOnAbEE~ said...

pegi brisbane??? nk ikotttttttttt!!! hehehe~ still the same like the old good days kan..melancong je keje ko ni..kekeke~

izzati said...


nope x jd g brisbane..kitorg ke melbourne..jomla ikut skali..
slagi ada masa kite penuhi dgn melancong..cari pengalaman..hehe

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