Tuesday, May 5, 2009

matahari terbenam di tasik

uhh.im thinking of not going anywhere today.
but it seems like i need to go out.to think out of the box.to clean up
thousands of unwanted stuffs stuck in my head.to give a lot of space to chemotherapeutic drugs cause i have to force a lot of things inside.

so,i decide to follow my friend to tasik at seksyen 7.i didnt plan to ru
n or jog.but just sit and see and think and sit and cry.yes.crying is the best way for me to release stress.crying alone without people around notice it.crying silently deep inside your heart will kill you slowly.but crying outside your heart make you feel better.a little bit better.haha.i should wake up from my dream.

i saw people fishing.i saw people running.i saw people dating.i saw
people talking and laughing.nobody is crying except me.haha.forget it.tomorrow is waiting.

before we go back i decided to use my lovely phone to take two pictures using the panorama mode.i cant wait for my own camera.having a brother who really loves his camera and looks like didnt trust his sister at all make me want to have my own.haha.so along.prepare im gonna have a camera too!

let's look what i've got today...^_^


Mardhiyah said...

zaty! i lovvvvveee the picss!! lawaaaaa!!

izzati said...

thanks.ini yang rasa tak nak tukar hp..hehee..:D

Anonymous said...

nnti dah bli,jgan lupa bgi adik pnjm.

izzati said...

no hal lah..adik punya pasal semua boleh...hehe :D

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