Monday, May 4, 2009

PHR 470

hello people.alhamdulillah today we finished another paper which is pharmaceutical analysis.lately i dont know what to say about my exam papers.but the best thing is i DIDN'T sleep at all during exams.although its 3 hours paper and im not even sleepy.and im sooo happy for it.some of my friends cant understand why im so happy bout it but you didnt know that sleeping during exams is my habit since secondary school and now i can stand 3 hours without sleeping.*happy*happy*

yeah.another paper waiting and after that im free.not really like a bird but at least free from notes for a few months.but i know whats waiting for me next.i should start packing my stuffs lah.haha.i can see my notes,books,shirts and comforter everywhere.but know what.its so difficult to find boxes in shah alam.i dont want the photocopy's paper boxes but i want the chocolate one.cause its bigger so maybe i'll need 4 or 5 boxes only.

and cant wait to go to melbourne.and i think i'll accept the offer from abah last night.i want it and this is the only time i can get it although maybe i've to suffer a bit next semester.never mind.currently im addicted to these songs;terlanjur cinta and eh eh(nothing else i can say).haha.sadly,have to remember a lot for the next paper so cant study while playing or singing these songs.

just finish watching my sassy girl english version.and im hungry again.haiyaa.this hormone regulation in menstrual cycle is killing me.cant stop thinking about food and need to ignore it.maybe i should go to sleep some more after solat,i'll start study tonight.

take care people.
gonna miss you so much.
love ya!


Mardhiyah said...

haha, zati kotak coklet u can find kat shah alam mall..(blkg die) tu ade byk dorng buang kat sane..

waaaa gi melbourne? gle la bessss.. gi ngn fam ke kenkwn?

~fiOnAbEE~ said...

swonok nye pg melbourne!!!

n bdw,eng version sassy girl?
xpnh dgr pn...?

izzati said...

thanks for the info.ssh betul nk cari kt kedai2 runcit pun x de.ada reason mahu ke sacc selain nak mkn big apple..:D

ke melb dgn kwn2.misha,amy,and farhanah..but still kami takut dgn swine flu.moga2 selamat.

jomlah pergi sekali bee..hehe
i dont know friend yg bg semlm so tgk jela.
jesse bradford dgn elisha cuthbert berlakon.and bet x knl pun sape.haha.

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