Saturday, May 2, 2009

PHR 471

yeah finally.the drug delivery system is over.
can't wait for the pharmaceutical analysis on monday and say goodbye to chemotherapeutic drugs on thursday.

its saturday but for the past few weeks our weekend didnt look like weekend at all.and tomorrow sunday still have to study for the next paper.haiyaaa..

so,im in dilemma either still want to go to melbourne with my friends on this 13th may or not?what do you think?should i or shouldnt i?

i really need to say thank you to someone.may be i should postpone it to someday after my exams so it'll be more meaningful i think.haha.

last night my sister told me that my grandma was admitted to hospital tampin and why on earth nobody didnt tell me?i know the reason is im in the middle of my exam but please tell me lah next time.

so gotta go and sleep.yeah.need to sleep at least 15 minutes.
see you later people.
good luck and i love you!


Hariry Ariffin said...

susah tak chemotherapeutic drug?

izzati said...

rasanya tak lah susah sgt tp sgt menarik dan penuh dgn drugs smpai nk termuntah hafal.hehe.a lot of new thing to learn la yang pasti. :D

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