Saturday, February 14, 2009

another day

finally i ate ghee tosai.but still cant beat my garlic naan la.hehe
dont worry we still can eat ghee tosai when you come back okay?

today i finished another test and mandarin quiz.
i didnt do well in both.i know because silly mistakes in the quiz.
i really cant remember the sign for the phrases.i just get half mark for each week have to remember it no matter what.
for the test i dont know why im so tired last night and i cant remember what i've studied.this is another day in my life.

and tomorrow whole day in faculty for the modules.
from 8 to will be like this too.
so,have to manage time very well.
and hopefully can follow whatever i planned.

thousands of words i wish i can put it up here
but i know the right times will come.

thanks for the supports friends.
i love all of you!

goodnight people!


nazeera said...


good try..!


izzati said...


hehe..kat california x de ghee tosai?

nazeera said...


nanti aku carik!

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