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hello there

alhamdulillah finally berakhir juga test pharmaceutical analysis.tapi agak kecewa sebab example dalam nota pun boleh salah juga.sepatutnya boleh free-free dapat markah.hopefully masih ada belas kasihan dalam menanda kertas having a hectic weekend and i know its going to be like this until the end of this month.

owh ya.this morning i heard they're going to extend another day for PGL III which is on the 22nd,i want to go!
we plan to buy the cheapest ticket as abah said people in Gaza tak makan and i want to spend money pergi tengok teater pula.i hope there are still tickets for us addicted to leona lewis song already.i dont mind to repeat that songs hundreds time a day.

friday there'll be another test and mandarin another 3 chapter of vocabs and 12 chapter of notes excluding prof weber's notes.i wish i have time to write any post everyday but it seems so difficult to do.lucky we dont have to submit report for mr.tommy's assignment.lepas satu tugasan lagi.tomorrow we're having first practical for pharmaceutical analysis.harap-harap menarik.

my favourite words lately,

i love you!


anumz sarah said…
Wah...setuju sgt dgn pendapat mu!! Minggu yg sibuk dan ticket yg cheap. Betul2 memberi kesedaran. juga berharap dpt post entry baru. Hanya entry yg ditulis kala cuto dan disave dlm draf saja dpt dipos. Terpaksa...
anumz sarah said…
erk..menaip dgn cepat sbb bnyk x baca lagi...kala cuti...audh maaf hampir membuat komen yg pelik...^_^!ahhahaha..
izzati said…
anumz sarah,
hehe.x ape asalkan boleh fhm lg kandungan komen tu.
seriusly sibuk betul.i hope mima boleh postpone 473 pny test.or else terpaksa la jugak.huhu
HABIHA69 said…
Salam..kalau ada test lagi ... moga izzati suksess gitew...jangan jemu study..jgn lupa solat...berdoa dan mohon padaNya, moga segala cita-cita dan impian kan jadi kenyataan...

Bolehkan saya ziarah N3 nih?
Bolehkan saya Komen N3 nih?
Tak marah kansss..?
izzati said…
salam.terima kasih atas semangat yang diberi.insyAllah saya sentiasa berdoa moga Allah kuatkan semangat saya untuk belajar dan moga impian jadi kenyataan.

sila lah ziarah selalu coretan saya ini.tak ada masalah pun jika ingin tinggalkan komen.

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