Thursday, February 12, 2009

sad day

this is my 100th post
but im not as happy as i should be

everything doesn't seems to turn out smoothly
it starts from yesterday
tickets are sold out
how frustrated i am.i really want to go and watch the theater
but still i have to think about today presentation
so,doesnt have much time to think about it

and today
it supposed to be a good day but my presentation really bad
i cant answer even a simple question
and the worst is my presentation will affect others marks also
i cant stop thinking about it
i feel guilty sooooo sorry about that.
i think i have done the best but im wrong
i should listen to what you told me last night
i believe apa yang berlaku pasti ada hikmah
tapi i cant imagine my effort before this sama macam tak buat apa-apa pun
macam tak belajar apa-apa regarding my topic

tomorrow ada test chemotherapeutic drug
and me
satu nota pun tak habis baca lagi
quiz mandarin punya vocabs pun tak hafal lagi

Ya Allah,
tolonglah hambamu ini
im stealing my lunch time to write here
honestly im so stressed right now
its so easy to say im fine,im okay and blah blah
but i dont want you to feel sorry for me
its my fault and i should face it

owh ya,
kepada sahabat saya yang dah lama menghilang
mengapa tidak tinggalkan pesanan sahaja
atau dah lupa my phone number?

saya rindu sama kamu juga!


nazeera said...

be strong ok

izzati said...

will be strong.insyAllah..

eQeEn si rAma2! said...

betty..stong bebeh~

izzati said...


Anonymous said...

la tahzan~ ;)

izzati said...


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