Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Big Apple

today ada presentation about Big Apple in marketing class
although kami baru dapat assignment itu semalam
we managed to do it very well and i love my group members
thanks to nad,bed and kak naa for the slides
to hanah for redesigning the presentation
finally we managed to get the tallest prize.pringles.

and now im eating yogurt perisa vanila
never know that calci yum ada perisa vanila
just bought pack of 8 and inside got mango,strawberry,grapes and vanila
sounds weird but hopefully rasanya tak pelik lah

currently im back to the unknown state.unknown feelings.
i dont know why but maybe because tomorrow is wednesday
or because im tired lately
class until 5.30 today
still haven't finish study surfactant
haven't done my tutorial
and now im writing in my blog.haha

one more thing.i cant decide either i really want to go to
Jason Mraz concert or not.
somebody help me please.


naz said...

u shud go to jason's concert babe!!
live up ur life,go out and njoy!!:)

izzati said...


i cant go lah cause my mom says no.hehe..im a good daughter then..
dont worry,will find another way to enjoy!!!
thanks dear!

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