Saturday, February 21, 2009

seminar industri pelancongan

another day spend in a ballroom and do nothing.what a tiring day but still i can get some new information from the seminar.i dont know why certain people love to attend seminars.maybe because i cant really understand what they’re talking,overall its not so bad just i fall asleep during the 3rd panel for sidang panel 1 present his speech.hopefully nobody took our picture lah.haha.but foods are delicious.for lunch there are about 6 types of lauk.itu tak masuk dengan mushroom soups dengan desserts and salads’re right edy.makanan memang sedaplah.


basically,my saturday dah habis pun.and esok another task to do.hari bertemu pelanggan stuffs.i hope my friends can help me lah.susahlah kalau tak ada orang available mahu tolong.tonight my target is to finish chapter 3 marketing.janganlah tertidur lagi macam selalu.

cik affiza,thanks again for being there as a friend.i never thought you’re really understanding and so cool.but please tell me if you’re mad at me okay?

im so tired but the marketing book is calling me.btw,thanks friend for the call last night.enjoy your weekend!

i love you!


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