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esok hujung minggu
tapi bererti ke hujung minggu kami?
macam biasalah ada sahaja aktiviti bila tiba hujung minggu.
esok bersamaan hari sabtu kami akan ke dynasty hotel
ada seminar pelancongan kalau tak salah
hopefully,seminar yang best dan tak membosa

isnin masih ada lagi satu test untuk dihadapi
harap-harap ini yang terakhir untuk beberapa minggu akan datang
tapi masa memang cepat berlalu
sedar-sedar dah minggu ke lapan sekarang
ada enam minggu lagi sebelum final exam

dan aku rindukan kawan-kawan aku

cepatlah balik semua
aku nak gelak-gelak sampai puas hati
kita lepak-lepak sampai pagi
cepatlah pulang!


beeeeeee said…
bett...tgk gamba tu kan terigt kt yg no. 5 fr right tu...hehe..mane ek die skang?
izzati said…

if im not mistaken die kt srwk skrg.curtin rasanya.
u can google her name and see what u can find there.i love to google my friends tau.:D
eQeEn si rAma2! said…
rndu jugak..
ble kte sume nak reunion bet??
izzati said…
bet plan nk re-u bln 8 somewhere during ramdhan..kite bkk pose same2 then lepak kt mane2 till sahur..
but u guys kt utp kene trn melaka or n9 la..
beeeeeee said…
bet...i google-ed her name before! kekeke...but tarak apa pon...madiha len yg kua adelah! n yeahh,i heard bout that too yg shes now in sarawak...
izzati said…
aahla.suddenly x de plak ek bila google.the last time bet google ade je sbb tu jmp die kt mane..
btw,bee ogos free x?
eQeEn si rAma2! said…
ikin tgh intern time tuh..
so..probably de kat umah..
sbb hope sgt intern area kl..
izzati said…
tgh intern jugak?i think most of our friends kt utp pun intern that time gak ke?
if u guys dkt2 sini gak sngla nk jmp..hehe
~fiOnAbEE~ said…
ogos?? free2...da abs exam da time 2...:)
ouh..if ade any plan! just inform me kay n i will spare my time with u guys! no problemo la...n bet,jom la re-u dorm B gak! hehehe
izzati said…
yes2..then it'll be much more easier to plan then.insyAllah we'll plan something cause mcm rmai will be here that time.
ya im lppking for dorm b re-u gak..miss them so much la..
inn said…
waaaa..rindu u guys to death... :(
n bile ngok dat pic...rase muke ako buruk gler..hahaha.. :D
izzati said…
u found my blog.haha
tu kan zaman2 before ko kurus..skrg ko lg cun gile la..miss u guys too!
inn said…
haha...betty2...ako bosan2..
cari ar blog org...sape lg ade blog ek??haha...kurus??xde maknenye...
btw...jngan ar wat gath without me..
sedey dow... :(
izzati said…
haha.beesya ade,shikin ade,ammar ade,pak tam ade,sopen ade.sape ntah lg ade.
eleh malu2 la tu nak mengaku dh kurus.haha
insyAllah aku buat re-u bile ko ade.tgkla nnt cemana

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