Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a trip to Pharmaniaga

today is the opening ceremony for Dynamic Diction Day
but unfortunately i can't attend the ceremony
we're having a trip to Pharmaniaga at bangi
memang best pergi kilang tu
and baru dapat tengok actual machines yang guna to produce drugs and how the drugs are stored,the raw materials,the GMP and so many things la

yes.i let you go already
and now im free
not really like a bird but its like im having a little bit time for myself
maybe to recover back from everything
and gain my spirit to study harder this semester

dont worry friends im still available if you need my help or idea
another test tomorrow
hope i have enough time to make sure i memorize everything
jangan mengantuk Izzati!

thinking of having Dominos for dinner?hmmm..

owh ya,
to my friend yang kurang sihat
kami doakan anda cepat sembuh dan balik ke shah alam cepat
jangan lupa makan ubat and have a good rest

i love you!


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